Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce Membership


We're so glad you're interested in chamber membership! You're just a few steps away from joining 2,200 member businesses in the Dayton Region. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Confirm your business is not already a member. Search the Chamber Member Directory.
  2. Identify your appropriate Membership Dues Level using the table below.* You'll choose that level below.
  3. Choose your membership. Basic Membership or Chamber Plus. (If you'd like to be a Chamber Plus member, watch for the check box indicating Chamber Plus on the next page of the application.)
  4. Complete and submit the following application.

*If you have 300 or more employees, would like to be a Chamber Supporter, or are a not for profit social services organization, please call 937-226-1444 for dues pricing

Membership Dues Level

Employee Count

Basic Membership Dues 

Chamber Plus Membership Dues 

Level 1

1-9 Employees



Level 2


10-14 Employees



Level 3


15-29 Employees



Level 4


30-49 Employees



Level 5


50-99 Employees



Level 6


100-149 Employees



Level 7


150-199 Employees



Level 8


200-299 Employees



Note: If your dues have been miscalculated or you have been charged incorrectly, you will be contacted and your dues will be adjusted accordingly.

In compliance with federal law, 90.75% of your dues are deductible as a business expense; 9.25% is non-deductible as it supports the lobbying activities of the chamber.   

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