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Our goal is to create a training program where your employees drive the behavior change you seek and they in turn create a healthy, thriving, lasting culture. After all, that is the true measure of whether a training initiative is working. Seeing and feeling positive differences in your employees as you work alongside them. These results can be achieved through any combination of the following services we offer.

24 Leadership Development Workshops

The workshops listed in the attached course catalog contain the defining principles that we firmly believe in at Sharp Leadership Development. They are designed to change the way the participants think about their job and provide them with specific ways to improve their individual behavior and overall performance.
Our workshops are adaptable. We can mix, match, extend, modify, and customize as needed. The needs along your company's unique leadership development journey will guide the way.

Our training is also designed with accountability at the core. Every workshop and/or coaching session ends with homework focused on three things the participants will do differently based on what they have learned.

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching is the epitome of personal commitment to leadership excellence. This experience can also include a 360 assessment that serves as the basis of a solutions-focused journey marked by specific criteria to measure results. Our coach will work to get to the “why” behind your individual style, challenges, and effectiveness. In time, helping you develop your own effective and inspiring leadership style.

Performance Consulting and Intact Team Events

When a team has potential for greatness but is struggling to reach the next level, we can help. Through team member interviews and working with the team leader, we can quickly identify what is holding them back and help break the barriers to success through one or a series of intact team events.
An Intact Team Event is designed to meet the unique needs of your team. Teammates that understand how their skills, personalities, and styles work together will be more understanding and more productive. They will communicate better and do better work. This type of customized event could take your team to a new level of success.


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